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When was the last time you turned off your cameras and just concentrated on your partner’s voice?

If you can’t remember the last time you had an old-school telephone call – or if you’re wondering why you’d ever want to do that when video calls are available – you might be interested to know that the voice is an underrated but hugely important part of attraction.

Studies show that voice plays a huge role in our attraction to others, but how often are we aware of this aspect of 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of virtual dates – and, of course, real life meetings when possible. You can’t experience the full range of emotions through audio alone.

But I also believe that variety and spontaneity are crucial for keeping communication interesting over a long distance. Besides, when you chat over video, there are all kinds of added pressures and distractions. Sometimes it’s nice to forego all of that and just concentrate on the one sense.

Here’s why audio-only virtual dates should be on your calendar.

1. It takes the pressure off

You may have seen each other at your worst before – groggy and suffering from a bad case of bed-head, perhaps – and they might even have thought you were adorable in that state. But unless you look like Bella Hadid and you’re blessed with perfect lighting, video has a habit of making everything look worse – and being self-conscious about it can make you feel pretty unsexy.

In contrast, the sleepy voice of your partner saying ‘good morning’ and asking if you slept well… that’s the good part of a morning phone call. Keeping the cameras off can make things much more relaxed – at least until you feel more like yourself.

2. You notice their voice a lot more

Sometimes we get used to those things which are familiar to us, until we see them in a whole new context. Listening to your partner’s voice on its own can heighten your senses to this most essential part of your attraction to them.

If you feel awkward or are not sure what to talk about, try asking your partner about something they’re really passionate about. People forget to be self-conscious when they’re so focused on the subject 🙂

Some other ways to enjoy your partner’s voice:

  • Read to each other
  • Teach each other a skill
  • Make each other laugh

If you’re still stuck for things to talk about, try these 50 conversation starters!

3. It makes the heart grow fonder

As much as my partner and I loved being able to open WhatsApp and see each other any time we wanted, there’s something to be said for not always seeing each other on camera.

Create some anticipation by occasionally making your calls voice-only.

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4. Variety

Studies like this one show that couples who use a variety of communication methods are more likely to rate their relationships positively than those who stick to just one method. So use that to its full potential!

5. Bridge the gap between texting and video

Imagine you’re out for a run, doing the dishes, or pushing a cart in the grocery store. A spontaneous video call at this time is unlikely to be welcome! Texting is also going to be a challenge when your hands are busy. But a phone call? That might be the perfect solution…

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