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Are you stuck on finding the perfect gift for your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend? Sadly, you can’t wrap yourself in sparkly paper, or slide into an airmail envelope and be on their doorstep the next day. But you can do the next best thing and send a heartfelt gift that shows how much you miss them.

Here are 50+ of my favourite gift ideas to make those lonely days just that little bit sweeter.

  1. A Year Of Us – a one line a day diary to track your journey

2. A scratch the world travel map, to record your adventures together

3. A rechargeable handwarmer that doubles as a power bank

4. … Or these USB handwarmers, that will keep their paws toasty while they type

5. This pair of ingenious long distance lamps to keep you connected across the miles

6. This connected US States coffee mug, to give your cup o’ joe a romantic twist

7. 365 Days of Art – daily colouring exercises for stress relief and meditation

8. Transform your love letter into a blanket – literally wrap them in love!

9. Bond Touch Bracelets, to feel each others’ touch, no matter the distance

10. This adorable pillow that will have them thinking of you

11. These dreamy watercolor brush pens, legendary with bullet journallers

12. This gorgeous 3D sakura Valentine’s day card

13. This personalized soundwave print of your voice saying sweet nothings

14. Capture the scent of your home state with these ingenious candles

15. Help your tall partner stretch their legs on a flight with this foot hammock

16. … Or help your short partner put their feet up with this plane seat foot rest

17. These adorable mugs for you and your soulmate

18. This bonsai kit to remind them that good things come to those who wait

19. A book of “open when” letters to be there for them any time they need you

20. This movie bucket list scratch-off poster for months of movie night inspo

21. This bluetooth mini printer for finally putting those snaps on the fridge

22. Sleep phones – headphones designed for sleeping, in a comfortable headband that won’t hurt their ears

23. This luxe relaxation kit

24. This “coffees of the world” gift set

25. These memory foam slippers that come in every colour

26. This Hygge Game – for your cosy nights in

27. A boba kit for the bubble tea lover in your life

28. Or skip the printer and get this Fujifilm instant camera

29. This owl-dorable eyeglasses holder

30. Giant microbes – always a talking point!

31. A weighted blanket to bring calm and soothe anxiety

32. A bamboo bath tray for multitasking (AKA drinking wine) whilst taking a soak

33. This stemless wine glass to remind them how you feel

34. This Lovebox messenger to share messages, stickers and photos – that spins when you send a message

35. This insanely cuddly shiba inu pillow, to deliver all the hugs you can’t

36. A rainbow matcha gift set

37. A foot spa, to soothe tired feet

38. A romantic nightlight that looks like the moon

39. This eternal rose that will stay perfect for years

40. This excellent reusable notebook that will upload handwritten notes to the cloud

41. This Woodwick candle that crackles as it burns – perfect for cosy reading sessions

42. This sweet and beautifully-illustrated book to remind them of the simple things in life

43. Help them wake gently and naturally, with this sunrise alarm clock

44. This sweet pair of kissing mugs

45. A ring light, to make your virtual dates easy and breezy

46. This stunning carved music box

47. Give a jar of promises in cute, pill-shaped capsules

48. This quirky t-shirt to shout about your LDR

49. Help them pack for their next visit with these ingenious packing cubes

50. Make your virtual happy hours more interesting with this book of cocktails based on famous novels

Got a great long distance gift idea? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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