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Are you stuck on the perfect gift for your long distance girlfriend or boyfriend (or even wife/husband)? Then you’re in the right place 🙂

This isn’t just a list of cool stuff – all the gifts below are specifically suited for long distance couples.

You may not be able to squeeze yourself into an airmail envelope and be on their doorstep by the next day, but these gifts can bridge the miles until you’re in their arms. 

Tech and gadgets

Charging station

Smartphone docking station with quote

Bond Touch bracelets

Feel their touch, no matter the distance

Long distance touch lamps

Light theirs up with just a tap

Mini bluetooth inkless printer

Put those snaps on the fridge instantly – no ink needed!

Long distance relationship mugs

What could be sweeter than sipping your coffee in the morning and being reminded of how much you’re loved and valued by your long distance partner? Gift these mugs to put a smile on their face 🙂

Connected across miles coffee mug

Personalise with a custom quote and ANY state or country

"I miss you" - two mugs for soulmates

Close to my heart coffee mug

“Even though you are many miles away, there is no one else closer to my heart than you. I love you.”

Looking at the same moon coffee mug

“No matter where you are, you’ll always be looking at the same moon as I am.”

Customise with your two names!


I’m in LOVE with these adorable long distance relationship pillowcases from Boldloft. The best part is that they’re so small and light, so you could mail them easily anywhere in the world 🙂

I miss you couples' pillow set

Take my love with you pillow set

Two worlds pillow set

Magnetic love pillow set

My favourite place pillow set

Catch my love pillow set

Cushion covers and blankets

Make sure your long distance partner never feels lonely as they chill on the couch 🙂

Distance means so little cushion cover

Hug this pillow cushion cover

Friends theme cushion cover

"To my girlfriend" airmail letter blanket

Customisable airmail letter blanket

Somebody elsewhere loves you cushion cover

Long distance relationship cards

Love you more than the distance LDR card

Wanted to send you something LDR card

I really miss your face LDR greeting card

It's pit-iful without you LDR card

Not missing you one bit LDR card

Distance makes the heart LDR card

LDR jewellery and keychains

"I'll be waiting" / "I'll be back" - Available as a necklace or keychain

Gift your real handwriting on a necklace

Personalised fingerprint necklace

"You are worth every
mile between us."

Couples’ quote bracelets

"Miles can't keep us apart" keychain

Customise with your own miles 🙂

Phone cases

Cosy apartment gifts 🙂

Homesick Candles

Capture the scent of your home state, city or country – dozens of options available!

Love quote wall art

Wall art with quote: “You’re worth every mile between us.”

sound wave print

Visual soundwave print of your voice saying “I love you.”

"I miss your face"

Stemless wine glass

"No matter where you are"

Quote photo frame

"I miss your face" teddy bear

"I love you more" photo frame

Misc things - cool stuff with no category

Open When Letters book

"Think of me" tea spoon

Capsule messages

Write your own mini messages, stored in a bottle

"Scratch the world" travel map

Scratch off destinations as you complete your adventure bucket list together!

One Question A Day
For You & Me

A 3 year couples’ journal

"You're my favourite notification." t-shirt

Available for men and women in lots of different colours!

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