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If your long distance girlfriend is on her period and tends to feel under the weather during that time of the month, you might wonder how you can be there for her when you’re hundreds of miles away.

Sure, if you lived together, you could run to the shops for the groceries (and perhaps snacks). You could run her a bubble bath and take on some more of the household chores. Easy!

When you’re long distance, it’s not that simple. But there’s still a lot you can do to be a supportive partner during this time.

Before I go on, I want to quickly acknowledge that everyone is different. Some girls/women don’t want or need any extra help and will feel patronised if you insist. But many others have a horrible time during their period and would appreciate a little extra attention and caring. Take your cue from her, but it’s always nice to offer 🙂

Now, here are 5 things you can do to help your long distance girlfriend if she’s struggling during her period.

1. Send a period care package

Help your girlfriend get comfy by sending her a few useful items.

There are some period care subscription boxes available, like BaeBoxx in the UK or Monthly&Co (US-based, but ships worldwide). You could order one for her, or take inspiration from them and compile your own period care package.

Some ideas for items:

  • Special teas (raspberry leaf tea in particular helps to ease cramps, or the Pukka Womankind tea is always a safe bet)
  • Heat really helps with period cramps, so having a hot water bottle or a heatable rice bag is a must
  • Chocolate – always a winner 🙂
  • Bath salts or bath bombs
  • Some lavender pillow spray to help her sleep
  • Some spare tampons or napkins/pads can’t hurt either – it always sucks to run out, so you might be sparing her a trip to the store

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Be there when you can’t be there

2. Offer to help with some of her tasks

When I’m feeling tired and cranky, I really appreciate help with the practical stuff – the cleaning, the organisation, the “life admin” that has to be done.

Today, there are apps for just about everything and thanks to the internet, you don’t even need to be in the same country to lend a hand. So if there’s anything you can do for her from a distance (like booking train tickets for her next visit, researching something or helping her to draft up a difficult email), offer to help. She may still choose to do it herself, but she’ll appreciate it either way!

3. Be a bit more patient

Some women feel very ill during their period and will be a little more short-tempered or pessimistic during this time. Obviously, it goes without saying that there’s a limit to what you should put up with – she shouldn’t be mean or verbally abusive no matter what the circumstances are – but keep in mind that she might be in a bad mood or be a little distracted during your discussions.

If you know that she’s in pain, be a little kinder and more patient than you would normally be, and try to avoid conflict (however trivial) during this time.

4. Do something light and fun together

One of the things I actually enjoy about my period is the excuse to take it easy.

Sometimes you just need a laugh and a distraction from the pain, so if you haven’t already got a date night planned, watch some comedy together, play games online, or clear an evening and watch old favourite movies or TV shows.

5. Order some food for her

When I’m on my period, all I want is chocolate cake. Your girlfriend might be craving pizza. Either way, offer to pick up the bill for some comfort food and make the order for her.

A small note here: some girls feel incredibly nauseous when they’re on their period and find it really difficult to eat (sometimes calorie-dense but easy to eat foods, like meal replacement shakes, can be really helpful at these times).

Others (*raises hand*) want to eat everything in sight. Chances are good that you’ll know which category your girlfriend falls into, because she will probably mention her cravings. If not, just ask!

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