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Who doesn’t love coffee dates? The slow music, the comfy chairs, watching the city go by… it’s one of the things I missed most of all when I was in a long distance relationship.

Coffee dates make for perfect first dates as well as being a much-loved staple for lazy Sunday mornings at any stage of your relationship.

Luckily, you can recreate the coffee shop vibe remotely. Yes, I really do mean it!

Here’s how ☕☺️

1. Prep with a coffee care package

Send your boyfriend or girlfriend a care package before your virtual coffee date, containing:

  • Your favourite coffee
  • A cute new mug
  • A little biscotti or other café-appropriate snack

If you live in two different countries, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to your nation’s unique coffee culture. Do you prefer to have your morning pick-me-up with cream, like in Vienna? With silky-smooth steamed milk, like a Spanish cortado? Or jet black with a pinch of salt, like in Turkey?

2. Get comfy - and prepare before you dial in

Make sure you’ve found some good lighting (ideally, that means a diffuse light source behind you, like a window), throw on some jeans and a big white shirt or a comfy sweater and get the blankets and throws out (if you’re at home) or scope out the best cosy, quiet little cafe in your town if you’re going out.

If you do decide to go out, it’s a good idea to go somewhere you’ve been a few times before. The last thing you want is to be struggling with the WiFi password or to realise all the seating is unsuitable – you want this to be relaxing!

3. Put on that music

If you’re having a coffee date from home, you can find ready-made coffee shop vibes by searching for “coffee shop music” on Spotify or YouTube. There are tons of playlists put together specifically for small businesses to stream in their premises, so you might get lucky and find the exact music your local cafe pumps through the speakers. Or, if coffee dates are a regular thing for the two of you, why not make a playlist together?

Alternatively, you can use a free tool like Radio Garden to listen to radio anywhere in the world. Perhaps you can’t be in Paris right now, but you can tune in and pretend!

4. Stream your city view

If you can, sit by a window and show your date what’s going on in your city. Alternatively, you can “travel around” together by using Window Swap to view the window views of people from around the world.

5. Learn latte art togeter

If you’d rather have something specific to do during your coffee date, why not learn how to make Instagram-quality lattes together?

You can get fantastic latte art kits, containing all you need (sans coffee, of course). Check out the one below 🙂

Shop latte art kits on Amazon

Learn to make beautiful cafe-style drinks together – perfect for date night!

Skillshare has some great latte art classes you can watch for free with their 7 day trial. If you want to surprise your partner, maybe practice creating the heart pattern in secret beforehand…

If you’re not up to the task of producing beautiful milk patterns, you can also buy stencils that will let you get that perfect coffee shop cappuccino every time. At the very least, sprinkle some chocolate powder or cinnamon on top – it’s a date, after all, you’re allowed to be fancy!

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