It’s been a tough year for everyone, including long distance couples. Coronavirus has meant that countless couples are separated and as the situation continues, some won’t be able to see each other at all this Christmas.

So, that means one thing is definitely on the cards: virtual dates!

Count down to the big day with these 21 festive virtual date ideas and make it a December to remember, even when you can’t be together in person 🌟🎄🎅

1. Decorate together

What could be more Christmassy than decorating your tree, bedroom or apartment with tinsel, candy canes and all the trimmings? Make some hot chocolate or mulled wine and chat on video whilst you put up your festive decorations.

You could even make or buy decorations for each other and send them in a care package.

2. Have a Christmas dinner date

A dinner date is such a cute way to spend time together as a long distance couple. And a Christmas dinner is definitely not to be missed if you want to experience the full festive feeling from a distance!

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3. Play festive games

Sure, you can’t play Pass the Parcel or pin any tails on any donkeys, but there are loads of old-fashioned parlour games that work just as well via video link! Some ideas:

  • Charades
  • Consequences/what happened next
  • Never have I ever
  • Pictionary

4. Send gifts and open them on Zoom

What’s the fun in sending your honey gifts for Christmas if you can’t see their reaction!?Plan your gift well in advance and make sure they have it on Christmas day.

5. Watch Christmas movies

Use one of these movie syncing apps to eliminate any playback issues, set out some Christmas snacks and prepare to feel warm and fuzzy.

Some ideas:

  • The Snowman / The Snowman and the Snow Dog (short but real tearjerkers – maybe watch something happy afterwards!)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Any bargain-basement Christmas movie you can buy from the dollar store or YouTube for 99p – these are incredibly fun after a few too many glasses of eggnog 🙂

6. Bake together

Bake Christmassy treats whilst you chat! Make cinnamon rolls, Christmas sugar cookies, gingerbread men or whatever you fancy.

If you want some Christmas baking inspo but without the lengthy exposition that seems to come with a lot of recipe sites, my favourite source is the BBC Good Food site. They have tons of festive baking recipes to try (including these espresso martini brownies 🥰).

7. Share a gift wrapping session

Is anything more festive than wrapping gifts for all your friends and family? I think not. My favourite way to do it is with mince pies, plenty of mulled wine and some tunes in the background 🙂

Prepare all the creature comforts, light some candles and get stuck in!

8. Plan for the warmer months

If you’re really feeling the winter blues, planning what you want to do in the summer months is a great way to remind yourself that the cold snap won’t last forever.

Why not plan your next holiday or visit together? You don’t have to put a date to it yet if you’re not sure what the future holds (let’s face it, none of us know what 2021 will look like!), but at least creating a Pinterest board and researching where you want to go next will give you something to look forward to.

9. Make an e-card for your family

A great way to feel like a proper item as a long distance couple is to make the effort to connect with each of your families together.

What better way to do this in the festive season than to send a cute e-card featuring the two of you?

Put on your ugly Christmas sweaters and take some festive snaps (bonus points if you can include some furry friends).

10. Socialise together

Who says a virtual date has to be just the two of you? Thanks to 2020 turning the world upside down, there are now countless ways to connect with people online. You could drop into a shared movie streaming session and meet fellow fans of your favourite films. Or go on Meetup and find an inspirational talk to watch together.

11. Share your goal-setting and resolutions for the new year

Setting goals and aspirations with a partner can be quite energising. Why not break out the 2021 planners and decide what you want to achieve in the new year?

12. Take them on a Christmas tour of your town or city

Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a major city or a cute small town, chances are good that your local area will be doing something festive. Find out when the Christmas parades are or when the lights are switched on – or just walk and talk as you wander around the town centre, live-streaming all the festive goodness.

13. Watch a Christmas play or ballet together online

Feel a little fancy by tuning in to a Christmas production of The Nutcracker or Sleeping Beauty.

14. Pretend it’s summer!

Make a summer cocktail (think tequila sunrise, long island iced tea or whatever is your poison of choice), change your background to something beachy and summery and dress for the occasion (after turning your central heating on – of course 🙂 ).

15. Get tipsy and watch the queen’s speech

For those of you who aren’t British, the Queen of England does a speech every Christmas, and it makes for a great drinking game.

16. Do a cheesy karaoke

It wouldn’t be Christmas without karaoke! There are apps you can use to create the perfect set-up from your living room, and some of them will even let you make festive song mashups of your favourite tunes.

17. Share Christmas memories

Everyone has Christmas stories to tell – share your favourites with your partner and get to know them better 🙂

18. Make a scrapbook of your year together

Christmas and New Year are all about looking back to the year just gone and looking forward to the next one. What is it that you want to remember the most? Go through your photos and compile them into a scrapbook!

You can either make a physical scrapbook or use a tool like Canva’s free scrapbook creator to make a digital one.

If you’re going down the paper-and-gluestick route and are wondering how to print off all those phone snaps without going to one of those pricey kiosks in the mall, you can sign up for an app like Snapfish and get hundreds of prints for free.

19. Do a Bob Ross paintalong

Buy some affordable paints and paint some happy little trees together 😊

20. Watch a Christmas service online

If you’re Christian, this season is all about your faith, so why not share the magic of a Christmas service together with the one you love?

21. Read or listen to Christmas ghost stories

Halloween isn’t the only time of year which calls for scary stories round a crackling fire. Now, you may not have a fire (improvise with some candles, perhaps?) and you can’t snuggle up close to your S.O. at the scary parts, but you can still capture some of that atmosphere by joining a livestream or reading some M.R. James stories to each other…


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