The key to staying connected in a long distance relationship is finding ways to be part of each others’ lives, even when you’re apart.

But with hundreds or even thousands of miles between you, how can you easily stay in each others’ thoughts – especially when life, work and friendships go on regardless?

Out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind, as long as you take some practical steps to maintain a strong bond.

Here’s how you can sync up your lives as a couple, even when you’re miles apart.

1. Share your calendars

Letting your partner know what’s in store for you during the days and weeks ahead is a great way to stay present in their thoughts.

Not only can it help you to schedule your dates and catch-ups, but it can also remind you to send supportive messages to each other when one of you is facing a challenge like a job interview or important test.

Two reliable options are Google Calendars or Outlook, but most email clients have an in-built calendar function that allows for syncing. You could also download an app that allows you to share a calendar.

2. Make friends in both locations

When you only have a short amount of time with each other, it’s tempting to spend it all by yourselves. But getting out and meeting people together will actually make your relationship stronger.

There are two ways to do this: meet their existing friends or meet new people together. Doing both will give you more of a shared life in each location, which will give their town or city a ‘second home’ feel, rather than having you feeling like a stranger there.

3. Have dedicated date nights - and use tech to your advantage

As well as catching up regularly throughout the week, it helps to keep one evening per week as a standing ‘date night’ (or day). Some ideas:

4. Learn a new skill together

Always wanted to learn a specific skill? Whatever your interest, there are likely to be dozens of free resources online – and a great thing about being in a relationship is that there’s always someone there to motivate you.

Great places to find free courses include:


You could either take the same course or each take a course that interests you – the important thing is that you can compare notes, encourage and inspire each other to continue.

5. Keep track of your shared goals as a couple

Having a system for keeping track of your goals will reinforce your connection. Here’s a detailed guide to setting and achieving couple goals together!

You could create shared private boards on Pinterest where you pin things you want to do together and places you want to go.

Or, if you’re looking forward to moving in together, you can keep tabs on home design and DIY ideas for your dream home.

6. Save for the future

This doesn’t have to mean saving for a deposit on a house. It can be as simple as putting a few coins aside each week to fund your dates or to take a weekend away. Working towards your financial goals together will give you a sense of shared achievement.

If you use cash often, try saving all your loose change in a jar – remember to label it with your goal so you’re not tempted to spend it!

Other options include PayPal Money Pools, or if (and only if) you’re in a serious relationship with someone you trust, you could set up a joint account with Monzo or a similar app.

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