10 Essential Apps for Long-Distance Couples in 2020

Once upon a time, long-distance couples were limited to text, email and Skype for keeping in touch. Not any more.

With the rise of online dating, more developers and couples are seeing the potential of apps that allow you to do much more than just talk and text. The newest apps let you get truly creative by including features that will let you truly share your life with another.

Here are ten essential apps to bring the two of you closer together, no matter how many miles are between you.

1. Raft

There’s something incredibly satisfying about an organisation system which is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Raft is a calendar app designed specifically for couples and close friends (you can have both if you like, since your couple’s calendar will always stay private). You can import events straight from Facebook, Outlook, Apple Calendar and other platforms, plus coordinate details for events using the chat function.

You can add header images for each event to make your schedule look polished and keep track of it all in a clean, user-friendly interface.

2. Without

Describing itself as ‘an app for couples with separation anxiety’, Without is an app that was designed by developer Jeremy Schoenherr when he found himself in a long-distance romance and was unimpressed with other apps.

Similar to a Snapchat for just the two of you, it lets you send short and sweet messages with only a few taps.

It also has a feature which lets you see the weather and local time in your partner’s location and can also use Bluetooth to tell when you’re together or apart.

3. Between

Between has been around for almost a decade, so it’s earned a place on almost every ‘best of’ list of couple’s apps.

This simple and cute app lets you keep track of important dates like anniversaries and birthdays, store photos and make calls. You can also share a calendar and there are lots of adorable stickers too.

4. Kast

Virtual movie nights just got easier – now there’s no need to count down from three in an attempt to sync up your movies on different devices.

Kast allows you to share your screen and create ‘watch parties’, so you can share a movie on one stream. A simple way of solving a common LDR problem!

5. LoveNudge

LoveNudge is the official app of the ‘5 Love Languages’ (a 1992 New York Times bestselling book) and helps you to track your progress in five different areas of showing affection to your partner, including ‘words of affirmation’, ‘quality time’, ‘acts of service’, ‘giving/receiving gifts’ and ‘physical touch’.

6. LoveDays

LoveDays is a simple countdown app that lets you track important events like anniversaries and your next meet. It also keeps count of how many days you’ve been together.

The concept is uncomplicated, but it’s gained it glowing reviews from users for its ease of use and cute design – plus the fact that you can personalise it by adding your photos to the main screen.

7. HoneyDue

HoneyDue is a finance app for couples with rave reviews from the Wall Street Journal, Time and Forbes.

You can track all your spending and bills together in a simple interface and communicate about specific transactions using the messaging app.

A great option for serious long-distance couples to manage their finances.

8. Huggg

Small, thoughtful gifts are an effective way to stay in your loved one’s thoughts. Huggg allows you to buy your partner a coffee, flowers, doughnuts, cinema tickets and more, and send a special code for them to pick it up.

Anyone can use it – your partner doesn’t need to have the app, which means the element of surprise is there!

Customer review

“My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and it can be really hard at times. When I’m having a bad day, he’ll send me my favourite huggg to help me get through the day and to show he’s still looking after me from 100 miles away.’

– Jenna, Bristol (testimonial on Huggg’s Facebook page)

9. Couple Game

Playing games as a couple is a cute way to stay in each other’s thoughts from a distance. Couple Game lets you quiz each other about your relationship, preferences and dates. You can also win rewards from your partner for getting answers right.

The one ‘con’ of this app is that the full version is a little pricey, but even if you just use the free content you’ll still have fun.

10. Letterboxd

My partner and I are big fans of Letterboxd, which is a bit like Goodreads but for movies. Keep track of the movies you’ve watched together, the movies you want to watch, read audience reviews and follow lists from other users.

It’s a great way of making sure you always have something to watch for movie night and aren’t stuck going round in circles wondering what you want to see tonight.

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